A ‘grape’ souvenir from the Haig-Brown Heritage site

What is so special about these particular grapes?  They were lovingly grown by Ed McCarter and his wife Rosemary in Prince Rupert, from a matchstick sized cutting taken from a grape vine at the Haig-Brown House six years ago.

Ed regularly visits Campbell River to go fly fishing.  While staying at the Haig-Brown Bed and Breakfast in 2003, he went on a tour of the property and spotted the grape vine.  He asked the caretaker if he could take a cutting.  The vines were planted by the Haig-Browns in 1944 purposely to grow into the porch of the house, and to add to the Italian flavour of the gardens that Anne was creating at the time.

Ed is a great admirer of Roderick Haig-Brown and now, he will always have a living souvenir of his trips to Campbell River and the Haig-Brown Heritage property.