Ripple Rock – new photo acquisitions!

A couple of years ago, Dudley Booth of Westbank, BC, approached the Museum with an exciting donation – 133 photographs of the Ripple Rock project.  Most of these were photos the Museum had never seen before.  They were taken by Alfred E. Booth, the donor’s father.  Alfred Booth worked on a government contract in Campbell River during the Ripple Rock project.  He took numerous pictures of the work being done to prepare for the detonation of Ripple Rock.  A number of photos were aerial shots of the worksite on Maude Island.  Other shots showed bunkhouses, boats, the cookhouse and other aspects of day to day life for the men working on the project.  Thank you Mr. Booth for the donation and for enriching the story of Ripple Rock that is held in our collections!

Here is a small sampling of the photos.

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