You may think you know Quadra…but do you REALLY know Quadra?

Quadra Island. Many of us has visited it and enjoyed the feeling of peace that comes along with that short ferry ride.  Recently I was on a Museum at Campbell River boat tour that circumnavigated this island – the largest of the Discovery Islands.

History aside, it’s rugged beauty, the sea air, the delicious lunch at the Heriot Bay Inn, the mother humpback whale we saw with her baby.  It was unforgettable, and the view from the water gives you a completely different vantage point then driving on the island.  Fortunately, Quadra Island has a rich and vibrant history that we would love to share with you.  This remote island on the BC Coast has so many stories to tell. 




This coming Sunday, July 1, 2018, you can join us in circumnavigating the island and exploring some of these stories with your Museum guide, Alison.  There are a few spaces left and the weather forecast is calling for clear, sunny skies.  (Not that it matters.  I toured Sonora Island last weekend in pouring rain and we had a fabulous day despite the weather!)

Don’t forget that Museum members get discounts on boat tours!

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