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  1. I extend my condolences to the fqmily of Ruby Joseph and want them to know that I own a lovely vase called “Hummingbird” dated 1994, which I bought during a trip to Vancouver at that time. I have enjoyed it for these fifteen years. In a recent trip to Vancouver I looked for other pieces by her and was disappointed not to find any. Ms. Joseph’s piece will be doubly cherished by me because of her passing. She left this world a more beautiful place than she found it.
    Janet Chertkoff

  2. I will pass your message along to the family and thank you for your thoughtful words and I am glad you are enjoying your hummingbird vase. Ruby Wilson did indeed bring joy into the world, her community and her family.

  3. Is there biographical information available anywhere on Ruby Joseph? I have one of her pieces called Potlach Canoe from 1992 and wonder if I can find out more about the artist. Thanks, Manny

  4. Lesia,

    If anyone is looking for pieces of Ruby’s, I do have quite a few pieces in my gallery collection still. I’d like to keep them all, but do have a few pieces that I’m keeping! I closed my location in 2009, but am now online – so please feel free to pass my website on if anyone is looking for her work. She told me I was her biggest customer – and we sure had a lot of fun working together. One of my favorite memories was going to visit with her, and attending the potlatch she organized for Dick’s mum. She is still missed…and always will be. Hope things are going well at the Museum – It’s where I first started learning about First Nations art, as I started there as a volunteer when I was 14…(that was the old location!) I only worked at the new museum a few times before I moved… Cheers!

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