When The Shoreline Was The Roadside

This photo of the main street of Campbell River in the 1950’s reveals the aftermath of a sou’easter blowing through, typical for Campbell River in the late fall, winter and spring.  You can see the driftwood being thrown up onto the roadway in front of the Van Isle Theatre.  These were the days when the roadway was also the shoreline.  A farm tractor with a push blade was used to push the logs to the side.

One thought on “When The Shoreline Was The Roadside

  1. Although I’ve seen this picture before, I don’t get tired of it. I love being able to see the movie theatre on the left – it puts the view in perspective – with the Tidemark now in that location. I know that if I was standing in the road in front of All Occasion Flowers I’d be in roughly the same place as the photographer was when he/she took the picture. Thanks!

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