Mark Henderson – First Nations Painter

Mark Henderson is a well known First Nations artist and member of the Campbell River Band.  He began painting traditional Kwakuitl designs at age 11 and received encouragement from his father, Sam Henderson, a famous Kwakiutl carver.

Henderson says that both of his parents (his mother was the late May Quocksister Henderson, the eldest daughter of a high-ranking family of the Wewaikum Band) were a major influence in his early artistic development, and wanted him to be familiar with his cultural background, teaching him the legends, songs and dances that have been part of his family heritage for many generations.  He was also influenced by other artisits like Henry Speck, Mungo Martin and Willie Seaweed.

Henderson believes that it is important to maintain traditional elements and colour in his artwork, while experimenting and developing his own creative ideas.  He prefers to work in acrylic paint on paper and produces limited edition silkscreen prints from the originals.

Mark Henderson’s exceptional and beautiful original pieces and prints can be found in the Shop of the Campbell River Museum, along with other First Nations artwork including carving, basketry and jewellery.  For information call: 250-287-3103.


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